“I travel to as many places as I can on this earth, I am fascinated by the natural world and want nothing more than to spend my time photographing it. I share my journeys through my photographic journal in both images and words.

In a world where artists of all disciplines relish in their abilities to create and wallow in the praise of their achievements, I believe that what I do is merely on loan to me. The natural world already exists. I did not create it. I take the best photographs I can by constantly improving my technical skills.

The creative concept work that I produce is dreamt up. We all have dreams, I simply sketch mine out then re-build them using available tools, props, lights and people. I then rely again on that technical knowledge that I have spent my life perfecting and create the best possible photographs.

Call me an artist, call me a storyteller, call me an adventure photographer, call me whatever you want. I call myself a person willing to spend time learning. And when the opportunity presents itself, I put that knowledge to use. I believe that patience and persistence pay off and, when all the elements align, I’ll get the shot.”


Joel Coleman photographs the sea and beyond. He is an adventurer, a story-teller and a creative who uses photography to share his perspective.

Joel is based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Manly, Australia and photographs in and around Manly and Sydney’s beaches. Joel travels frequently and, for several months a year, can be found at exotic locations around the world photographing the sea and beyond from different perspectives.

The art gallery at Manly Beach is where Joel’s photographs come to life, offering a place to view artworks in their full splendour. We have over 70 artworks on exhibition at any one time and our gallery managers are on hand to assist in selecting the perfect pieces for your home, business or as gifts.

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