Da’ Moon

Da' Moon

A phone call at 7:30pm last night to say grab a camera and go look at the moon was much appreciated.  Spectacular colours considering it was night time. A few 30sec. exposures and I was done though as standing outside in the cold was far from fun. This morning we are still stuck in this cold snap and the run across the beach to the water is enough to freeze a few toes off! The swell has dropped a little since yesterday and there are now 1 – 2 foot sets pushing through in nice clean straight lines. The longboarders were getting the pick of the waves early and as the tide pushes in some pretty thick foam will probably be your only option.

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Joel Coleman…


fast fish, flying hair

mini cutback

winter crowds

Coldest in years!…

Control, lots of it!...

A quick glance at a news website this morning when I got back from taking photos and the headline story was “The coldest morning in two years!” – Now I could have told you that… Despite the sub-arctic temperatures and the polar bears prowling the beach there were some pretty good waves to be had. The swell is out of the south which is leading to a fair few close outs but the crowd numbers are low (wonder why? Perhaps the cold?) So there were plenty of waves to pick off that stayed open. These crisp mornings are usually accompanied by very clean air, which makes it possible to photograph the sunrise in up close detail. I have put today’s entire dawn sequence in the filmstrip with a few extra surf pictures, enjoy.

If you need warming up swing by the gallery café this morning, hot coffee, tea and toast should do the trick…

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Joel Coleman…

North Steyne 7:29am

set that line..

QBC Shining through...

Clean, Crisp But Cold

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Whales, Birds & Waves

Hump Back

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be taken out on a whale watching charter to photograph some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Living in Sydney you can often become a little jaded with just how much natural beauty surrounds us. Every now and again doing something that most of us consider a ‘tourist activity’ can really remind you just how lucky we are to live here. Despite the chilli temps it was truly amazing to get so close to these migrating mammals and snap off a few frames. Thanks to the crew of HCBS charters who took me out. If you are interested in any kind of boat charter, function or tour, then these are the people to contact.

Surf wise, this morning it is a textbook winters day with around 3 foot of south swell, perfect blue skies and icy winds. There were plenty of waves along the beach with the size dropping as you went further south but the quality increasing. The swell is dropping over the next few days before a possible increase later in the week.

Don’t forget Friday is our opening party and you are all invited – 6:00pm, Market Place – Manly.

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Joel Coleman…

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North Steyne backlit...

barnacle tail

5 toes away from the sun

stare down

morning hook


Wobble with your waves

light show sunrise

Plenty of wobble in the waves this morning, sending even some pretty competent surfers in some strange directions. Try and wobble with it if you can! Easier said than done I think. The swell has jumped a few notches since yesterday and is set to increase some more through the day. Lets hope it starts to line up a little better as well. All I can say is keep an eye on it to see if it improves.

We are putting the beers on next Friday night (the second of July) as a thank your to all our friends and subscribers for their support. All are welcome so come by and you might even score yourself some free stuff! The Gallery and Café are open all weekend from 7:00am to 6:00pm. Hope to see you there.

Joel Coleman

cutback - Queenscliff

corner boost

punching some foam

wobbly faced lefts

Colour, black, white & good

laid back hook

Little bit of a surprise packet this morning. Starting out with a brief but saturated moment of colour as the sun came up before everything turned greyscale on me. Looking off the cliffs at dawn there appeared to be some decent sets rolling past and a stroll down to the beach showed larger and cleaner waves than any of the charts predicted. A blanket of fog added to the winter feeling, seems there were plenty of waves to go around, as the cold tends to keep the crowds down.

I regularly get asked for more photographs each day so I have had the intermethinggie web gurus design a new system for you. Click on the filmstrip below to see a far greater selection of the each day’s photos.

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Joel Coleman…

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plenty of airs this morning...

North Steyne through the fog

yep - claim it

started off with some colour

Night Owl

Pacific rain

Pretty average conditions for surfing this morning. That does not seem to stop some people who were out doing there best to surf 2 foot onshore mush whilst the wind ripped in from the ESE. Respect to the motivated! Last night on my way home I spotted a massive owl sitting on a street sign minding its own business. The poor image quality is because the only camera I had on me was my phone. Despite the grain I always get a buzz out of seeing wildlife in the city. For fans of a popular children’s book the fact that he/she was sitting on a post office sign was not lost either.

Joel Coleman

walk the dog

should have stayed in bed

South Steyne offerings

Manly Owl

Salty Feet


There was a slight onshore blow across the beach last night, which has made surface conditions a little lumpy this morning. The wind has swung to a more favourable direction however there is still plenty of wobble in the waves. The swell is from the South in the 2-3 foot range and if  you are keen for a surf then you will find the odd section that is holding up. Poor light this morning has made for some colourless photographs although it looks like some blue sky is now trying to push through.

The saltmotion gallery and café opens every day at 7:00am for you to get your caffeine fix. While Mark & Sep froth the milk you can have a look at the latest works hanging on the walls. Market Place, Manly.

Joel Coleman

nice looking left

OE Hooks

off the bottom

salty feet

Monday morning mixture

lens flare sunrise

Monday morning mixture of rain, sunshine, small swell and handful of mini-mal riders. The swell started to build a little yesterday and there are sets in the waist to shoulder high range better suited to the longer boards or fat fishes. Crowd numbers are right down so even with wave quality not being fantastic there are lots of options along the beach to enjoy a peak between a handful of people. Rubber up though as the water temp is starting to drop and that wind is pretty fresh across your back!

Joel Coleman

mini-mal lefts


wave of the morning?

7:37am on the McTavish

Optimism – the word of the day

perfectly knee high...

Optimism – the word of the day. With the swell being non-existent and the air temp pretty fresh you had to be very optimistic to head out for a surf this morning. I love a glass half full kind of person and there were two of them out at Queenscliff this morning, trading knee high waves and having a laugh while the rest of us drank coffee and watched the sunrise. The swell is not looking too good for a weekend wave so you may have to think of something else to do, Like stopping by the saltmotion gallery and café. Open 7:00am to 6:00pm, Market Place, Manly.

Joel Coleman

walk the dog

solar power / peddle power

sunrise 7:02am

Glass half full guys

Colour and mush

Freshwater under early lights

Early risers were treated to a pretty spectacular sunrise this morning. Lots of high cloud and colour making for a great early morning show. Unfortunately the surf is pretty lame and you missed nothing by staying in bed. Mushy, onshore and a struggle even for the longboards to get a decent face. Tomorrow will hopefully see the winds swing offshore again for some cleaner conditions before a potential increase in swell early next week.

The saltmotion Café is open early for your buzz cup on the way to work and the gallery until 6:00pm. Market Place, Manly (near the library.)

Joel Coleman

colour and mush

probably one of the better waves

hard work on a toothpick

winter sun, a long way north