Knocking on the door

early, smooth and nice

An early offshore that was kind of unexpected made for some smooth conditions for the first hour or so of daylight today. I hate to say it but there was a slight chill to the air the last few mornings, looks like autumn might be knocking on the door soon. There might be some favourable winds at times during the weekend and there is a little bit of swell around so keep an eye on the surf and you may score a good session…

Joel Coleman

orange ghosts

7:01am, Queensie…

T.C. – always out


The go button…

All about light

black and gold liquid

Good photographs are all about good light. Waves may be perfect and surfers may be top pros but unless the light is there the photographs will always be lacking something. This morning we didn’t have any visiting professionals, or perfect waves (in fact it was still onshore and crumbling with lots of closeouts and an strengthening ESE wind) but we did have some really good light. For about twenty minutes even crumbly close-outs started to look pretty good through the lens…

Joel Coleman

warm greens

very funky artwork

spray in the sun

6:56 am closeout sections

nice light

warm water and highlights…

keeping fit

green, white and yellow

After yesterday

QC Pool before dawn

After yesterday mornings blissful conditions and warm weather the south east wind started to blow and has not let up since. The surf this morning has been turned to mush and there were very few waves holding up long enough to really make anything of. The sunrise on the other hand was worth getting out of bed for, three minutes of colour and warmth before the cloud filled back in…

Joel Coleman

Making something out of nothing

This was actually a pretty good wave this morning

Two foot off the top

a cutback was a rare thing this morning

sunrise 6:40am

Weather guru

golden racetrack…

The weather guru’s are telling us it is going to be 28 today. I think it was warmer than that before the sun came up! Hot… Wave wise there were quite a few options with peaks up and down the beach, brushed clean by a gentle offshore and lit up by at 6:37am sunrise (making it hard for the super early crew, there were a few people sitting on the beach early just waiting for it to get light enough to paddle out) Winds tending more south through the day with a building swell from the same direction into the afternoon…

Joel Coleman

nice smooth walls…

morning spray at North Steyne

generating power…

boost going wrong…


Morning swim

showing me the underside

Perfect morning to be in for a swim. With blue skies, plenty of sunshine and really warm water the lack of consistent waves seems to be a small issue. The Manly stretch is producing waves on and off at the moment. It seems that if you can catch it on the right tide you score, an hour either way and it can be a different story all together. I guess you just have to spend the whole day at the beach!… (yeah, right…)

Joel Coleman

inconsistent lefts

water is nice and clean again

green and black

something colourful

Kind of

Good way to start…

Kind of disappointing surf wise today, the strong East winds have destroyed surface quality and the predicted groundswell has yet to really arrive. Still there were a few waves to be had amongst the wind chop. There should be swell about for the weekend but you will have to keep an eye on the winds and scout your locations…

Joel Coleman

A wall amongst the slop

wobbly and bumpy but still holding

hard to tell where the wave ends and the bumps start…

decision time…

Too much east

Late take off on the wave of the morning

There was a lot more east in the wind this morning than predicted. What on paper (or online) looked like it should be a good morning for surface quality ended up having quite a bump and ripple on it from the ever strengthening winds. Sets were coming through in the waist to shoulder high range and there looked to be some fun though inconsistent waves coming through with quality varying across the different banks…

Joel Coleman

waist high rights at south steyne

wings spread

sunrise close out whack

nice smooth one…

hate to hurry

Early smooth carves

Having to hurry my morning report is never a good thing. But today is one of those days where I had to get moving earlier than normal. I would love to have stayed down at the beach a little longer, waited for the sun to rise a bit more, the tide to push up a fraction and the early morning crowd to thin so I could enjoy a few of the punchy clean walls on offer, inconsistent they may be but they sure did look like fun. Swell from the south and the wind from the same direction so options are limited but still it is worth a look…

Joel Coleman

small but punchy one


Just before 7:00am

hole in the clouds…



Surfing legend Occy paid a visit to Manly this morning, paddled out for a few waves then disappeared. Still it is pretty good to watch someone that good surf your local break. Young local Tommy was in the line-up (no surprise, he is there every morning!) as well matching it with the Occ!… For the rest of us there were a few waves but it seems very dependent on the right tide at the moment. Get enough water over the banks and they fire, too high or too low and the result is frustration!…

enjoy your day,

Joel Coleman




7:20am North Steyne

small wave, big slide

30 seconds of Manly at 5:57am

The changing beach

The Queenscliff rivermouth…

Dark and raining early this morning but if that did not bother you the rewards for getting out of bed were some really nice smooth walls to carve up before work. Small crowd numbers were a blessing as the sets were inconsistent, however the good ones were definitely worth the wait. Lots of water from the sky over the last few days has had a dramatic effect on the beach, reshaping and exposing whole new areas and moving a lot of sand back out to see where it looks to be forming into some really good banks!…

Joel Coleman

Beautiful walls for the early crew

Grainy lefts further down the beach

around 7:00am


almost in there…